Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has told the Palaszczuk State Labor Government to get out of
the way of the Brisbane Metro and stop throwing ongoing delays at a critical project, just as they did
with Adani.

Cr Schrinner said the fully funded Brisbane Metro project now faced yet another delay at the hands of
the State Government, who demanded the planned Cultural Centre Station, one of the major
construction elements, be redesigned and moved to the Convention Centre.
“This is Brisbane’s Adani, and it’s the same people holding it up by putting the Labor Party’s interests
ahead of the people of Queensland,” he said.

“We have met with the State Government about the Brisbane Metro 276 times in the past three and a
half years, and we have asked for feedback every step of the way.
“So it’s incredibly frustrating that they have suddenly demanded a radical change to the project at this
late stage.

“We should be getting ready to issue tenders for a world-class, high-frequency, high-capacity public
transport service. Instead, the State is demanding we now completely redesign and relocate one of the
key stations.

“I am disappointed that we are being forced to do this now, and that it will slow the tender process
down. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to comply, and so we will get on and do the work required.
“While we get on with the job, I want to issue the State Government a challenge to let us get started
on early works for the Metro project, including relocating lifts, electricity and sewer lines, road
upgrades and land purchases.”

Cr Schrinner said the State Government seemed determined to keep throwing up obstacles to slow
down the Brisbane Metro, to give their Labor colleagues in Council ammunition for next year’s

“We are not asking the State Government for a cent to construct the Brisbane Metro, we aren’t asking
them to do any of the work, we just want them to get out of the way,” he said.
“We’ve worked co-operatively through all 276 meetings, but the State Government is using every
roadblock and speedbump it can find to play politics with Metro – and it’s Brisbane commuters who
will suffer the consequences.

“We’re not interested in political games. We’re interested in getting residents home quicker and safer
on the Brisbane Metro.”