The Schrinner Council is reducing the number of speeding drivers in suburbs across Brisbane through smiling speed awareness signs.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said new figures showed the popular Slow for SAM (speed awareness monitor) signs continued to deliver positive changes to driver behaviour.

“We’ve installed 215 Slow for SAM signs across the city since 2013,” Cr Schrinner said. “The incentive for drivers to reduce their speed is to make the electronic SAM smile and get home safely.

“Between September and December last year, nearly 80 million vehicles passed these signs. Almost one in five motorists (18.4 per cent) were speeding as they approached the SAM sign and nearly 60 per cent reduced their speed to within the legal limit before they passed the sign.”

Cr Schrinner said Parkinson, Calamvale, Nundah and Acacia Ridge recorded the highest speeds during the reporting period.

“On average, speeding motorists slow down by 8 kilometres per hour as they pass SAM signs while the average speed reduction overall is 4.5 kilometres per hour,” he said.

“With seasonal changes to the smiling faces including Santa at Christmas time, a bunny at Easter, a witch at Halloween and a footy during State of Origin, SAM signs are a simple, friendly and highly effective way of sending a very important safety message.”

Cr Schrinner said his Council continued to invest in speed awareness monitors at speeding hotspots across the city including school zones and wildlife corridors.

“We consult with  local councillors on where SAM signs will be most effective across Brisbane suburbs, including school zones,” he said.

“We have 31 monitors permanently located at school zones and have invested $770,000 this financial year adding 30 more in 2022.

“We also have Wildlife Awareness Monitors (WAMS) which alert drivers to slow down on roads where animals are known to roam or may be breeding.

“Since 2019, 37 WAM signs have been installed across Brisbane and four more are on the way in 2022.”

Council has both permanent and rotating locations for Slow for SAM signs across the city. For more information, visit

Brisbane streets recording highest average speeds in SAM zones:

  • Algester Road, Parkinson – 66km/h in a 60km/h zone
  • Gowan Road, Calamvale – 67km/h in a 60km/h zone
  • Benhiam Street, Calamvale – 68km/h in a 60km/h zone
  • Nudgee Road, Nundah – 66km/h in a 60km/h zone

Mortimer Road, Acacia Ridge – 65km/h in a 60km