Infrastructure Australia backed the Brisbane Metro project several years ago and this led to $600 million in Federal and State funding.

Now that they’ve listed our green bridges as nationally significant infrastructure, we’re excited about the opportunity to attract more Federal and State funding to Brisbane.

I’ve always said that we will build two green bridges this term and further bridges will be subject to funding from other levels of government.

We’ve already been successful in securing $60 million in Federal funds for our Kangaroo Point green bridge, and our Breakfast Creek green bridge project is also underway.

We recently made the decision to temporarily pause the two West End green bridges to focus on Brisbane’s rebuild and recovery from the devastating February flood.

With Infrastructure Australia now backing our green bridges, we would welcome discussions with the State and Federal governments.

Funding from other levels of government would mean these nationally-significant green bridges can be delivered sooner.

Schrinner Council Green Bridges Program

  • Kangaroo Point Green Bridge (now under construction)
  • Breakfast Creek Green Bridge (now under construction)
  • Toowong to West End Green Bridge (temporarily paused)
  • St Lucia to West End Green Bridge  (temporarily paused)