Krista Adams Deputy Mayor


Last night, the Labor/Green alliance in City Hall was on full display as they worked together to try and introduce a big new property tax in Brisbane.

The Labor/Green alliance’s push for a big new property tax was rejected by the Schrinner Council because it would drive up rent, drive up property prices and drive up living costs at the worst possible time.

This push for a vacancy tax is based on bogus claims by Greens councillor Jonathan Sriranganathan that Brisbane is awash with tens of thousands of idle and abandoned homes.

This is utter bunkum based on a simplistic analysis of 2021 Census data which has been strongly rejected by academics and experts.

The latest REIQ data shows Brisbane has a residential vacancy rate of less than one per cent, the lowest in many years.

Labor and the Greens are demonstrating the very real danger that they pose to Brisbane residents were they to ever achieve their aim of a power-sharing arrangement in City Hall.