Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has today handed over Terms of Reference, following his request for the independent Councillor Remuneration Tribunal to meet urgently and review Councillors’ remuneration.

At the request of Cr Schrinner, the tribunal, which includes former Senior Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission Peter Richards, managing director of a corporate finance advisory firm and holder of several board roles Sharon Doyle and former Labor Minister and Speaker of the Queensland Parliament John Mickel, is reviewing Councillors’ remuneration.

“I am taking action to review an out-of-date policy that was introduced by the Labor Party in 1995,” Cr Schrinner said.

“I am sick and tired of the self-serving political games that Labor are playing, and I think the public see through them too.

“Let me be clear, the Labor Party put the current arrangement for superannuation and allowances in place, while the LNP has introduced an oversight from an independent tribunal.

“These matters are not and have never been my focus, but by addressing them head on now, we can continue focusing on what’s really important – building a better Brisbane.”

Cr Schrinner said he handed the Terms of Reference to the independent committee on Thursday, following his motion in the Council Chamber on Tuesday for the independent tribunal to meet out of its ordinary five-year cycle to review the payments.

“The independent tribunal has the power to look at everything – salary, allowances and super – and I have asked them to report back with their recommendations by the end of the year,” he said.

“Remuneration should be determined by an independent body, and Councillors should certainly not be setting their own salary and super.”

Cr Schrinner said the independent tribunal was made up of highly respected people of great integrity.

“We will now leave them alone to do their work and I ask everyone to respect that process,” he said.
“I didn’t create these issues, but I am going to make sure they are fixed.

“Quite frankly, it’s time the Labor Party stopped throwing mud on the issue as they are the ones who, when in office, voted for their own pay, allowances and then kept them secret.

“Under the LNP, these issues are decided by an independent committee, and all the details are published in the Annual Report.”