The Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning has directed Council to include the following conditions as part of the final State Interest check for Ferny Grove Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan.

In summary, the three conditions are;

1. To amend the road hierarchy overlay map to reflect an emergency services and active transport link connecting the Cedar Creek South precinct to Mount Nebo Road, subject to further detailed transport planning and community consultation (page 7 of Ministers Letter).
2. To amend the bushfire overlay map to show future bushfire risk mapping by the Queensland Government, retaining a potential impact subcategory informed by a localised bushfire study prepared for this amendment (page 6 of Ministers Letter).
3. To include a regional eco system map provided by the Queensland Government for reference within the bushfire overlay code. The Ferny Grove—Upper Kedron neighbourhood plan will become effective on 21 September this year (page 5 of Ministers Letter).

The Minister’s decision has been incorporated into the Ferny Grove Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan and will be effective from the 21 September 2018.

Ministerial Conditions for Brisbane City Council’s Ferny Grove Upper Kedron Neighbourhood 

Chronology of Decision Process – Cedar Woods Upper Kedron