More than 3000 South East Queensland businesses have shared in $950 million in contracts over the past 12 months under the Schrinner Council’s successful Buy Local procurement policy.

 Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the commitment for at least 80 per cent of Council’s spend to benefit local firms had come at a time when businesses needed it most.

 “I introduced the Buy Local policy in 2019 to ensure the work we undertake benefits local businesses. In 2017-18, our local buy was 67 per cent and in the past year, we’ve lifted this to more than 80 per cent, putting $950 million back into businesses,” Cr Schrinner said.

 “The coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate parts of our local economy and my Council’s Buy Local policy is helping to retain and create jobs, ensuring families can put food on the table during these uncertain times.

“From local plant supplies and the delivery of the Brisbane Metro to waste disposal services and bus servicing, both large and small projects have used the expertise of more than 3000 local businesses.

 “We’re supporting local electricians, engineers, gardeners and labourers and many more trades as work progresses across the city for new parks, green bridges, sports fields and road upgrades.”

 Long-standing Darra business Centenary Landscaping has worked with Council for over 15 years, supplying mulch and soil and even helping with sand bagging during the 2011 floods.

 Owner Terry O’Shea said the partnership between Council and his business has contributed significantly to its success.

“With the support of Council, we’ve been able to run this family business here in Brisbane for 35 years, employing hundreds of local team members over the years,” Mr O’Shea said.

“We supply Council with bulk mulch and soil, and we work closely with their project engineers to design site-specific soil mix. Most recently we prepared soil mix for 100-year-old Laurel Trees.

 We also work indirectly with Council via a number of major landscaping firms on Council property including the rose gardens in New Farm Park.

“It’s a major win for us that Council share the same passion for quality and sustainability, and we look forward to working with them on projects for many years to come.”

 Cr Schrinner said he was dedicated to helping Brisbane businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic through a range of initiatives including making permanent seven-day payment terms for Council’s small business suppliers, delivering faster payments to local suppliers.  

 “More than 131,000 small businesses call Brisbane home and we’ve implemented a range of initiatives to help them stay strong during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.