Brisbane City Council campaigns to drive jobs and economy

Brisbane City Council is rolling out major awareness campaigns to boost tourism visits to Brisbane and drive local economic activity across the city and suburbs.

The first stage of the $6 million promotion is already underway, with the Brisbetter communications rolling out across the city to let residents know of new Council initiatives they can take advantage of.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner today announced the second phase would be a domestic tourism campaign launching in Brisbane in 2019 and then expanding to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2020.

“The campaign was still being finalised by Brisbane Marketing, which would invest an initial $2 million into it,” Cr Schrinner said.

“If it is as successful as we expect, we will look at extending it into winter, when Brisbane’s lifestyle is the envy of cold and miserable southern capitals,” he said.

“This campaign is being filmed right here, right now in Brisbane and I can’t wait for the rest of Australia to see our great city.

“Annually about 7.7 million domestic visitors come to Brisbane, filling our hotel rooms and boosting our hospitality, service and retail sectors.

“Council is committed to doing its part in driving economic opportunities for our city to boost our visitor economy and this national campaign is designed to do just that.”

Last month, Council released the Better Brisbane Index which revealed Brisbane residents are the happiest of any Australian capital city.

The national tourist campaign will complement the $4 million Brisbetter campaign, currently underway, which is designed to drive local economic activity in Brisbane by highlighting opportunities for Brisbane residents.

The Brisbetter campaign, which is being funded from existing budgets, tells residents about money-saving initiatives and key projects funded in the 2019-20 Budget.

Cr Schrinner said the BrisBetter campaign currently featured free off-peak travel for seniors, a 50% rates discount for first home buyers, cuts to reduce costs for small business and Brisbane’s double-decker CityCat.

“Like the campaign says, Brisbane just keeps getting better,” he said.

“Because of our responsible management of the Council Budget, we are able to fund and roll out important new initiatives across Brisbane.

“We want to make sure residents know about them so they can take advantage of them or have their say.

“We want seniors to get out and about on free off-peak travel, including on the new double decker City Cats.

“We want first home buyers to know that Council will give them a break to help them get their foot on the property ladder.

“We want hard working business owners to know that there are discounts available on their council permits.

“And we want everyone to have their say on some of the visionary items Council is currently rolling out, such as Victoria Park and the turn-up-and-go Brisbane Metro.

“This BrisBetter campaign is about boosting confidence and economic activity in our great city,  making sure everyone can take advantage of the great initiatives that are currently underway.

“It’s all part of our plan to ensure the Brisbane of tomorrow is better than the Brisbane of today.”


  • National Brisbane Marketing communications – about $2 million in 2019-20
  • Brisbetter communications – about $4 million in 2019-20