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O C Grant – Tax Agent & Accountant
O C Grant – Tax Agent & Accountant
Business Phone
1300 780 881

For all your tax accounting needs. No matter how small or large your tax related portfolio is, we can assist. Discover what optimal efficiency
and maximum returns are with our financial affairs review service. With over 20 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on service level and commitment to our clients. Integrity is a core value, with dedication and passion – valuing you and your business beyond the figures. You can feel confident that your taxation matters can be simplified and your benefits maximised.
Quarterly newsletters are issued via email with information about tax updates and changes, industry news and general reminders. Annual tax checklists are also distributed to assist in making each process as simple as possible for you. An annual Budget translation summary is part of our correspondence schedule. All appointment times are flexible to your needs, call us to discuss.

Suite 8, 1000 Waterworks Road, The Gap Village,
The Gap