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Gestalt Art Therapy centre
Gestalt Art Therapy centre
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Gestalt Art Therapy centre

Our Centre offers to develop art tools for therapists who wish to enhance their skills and practice across a range of clients. Also Art therapy sessions for Couples, Individual, Families.

The Center is proud of its strong experience in the field of Gestalt Therapy and its practice of awareness that has been the core method of ‘mindfulness’ learning for the last 30 years.

We aim to provide our services and experiences in the field of Gestalt Art Therapy as well, to enable and support our participants in a nurturing environment with respect, compassion and humility.

We offer:

Workshops , they are recommended for all helping professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Private therapy sessions: Individual, Family, Couples, Children and Adolescents (ask for prices without commitment).
Professional Supervision

Articles related to psychotherapy and latest news from the therapy community.

Books on sale about individual therapy, group leadership, etc. (Virtual shopping).

Project development for your company training needs, conducting meetings or workshops on Effective Communication, Leadership, Coaching, etc. (indicate your need and we will develop a complete project).

2 Findlay st