Backyard fire pit and braziers will become legal in Brisbane under reforms to be introduced this week by the Schrinner Council.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said his Council’s decision to move Brisbane into line with other councils and scrap outdated rules banning backyard fire pits and braziers came after a strong community campaign.

However, Cr Schrinner said a range of strict guidelines would be in force around the use of backyard fire pits to ensure they were operated safely and the impact on neighbours was limited.

“Brisbane residents told us that they wanted to be able to use their fire pits and braziers without being fined and we have listened and acted on their wishes,” he said.

“We trialled the ability to use backyard fire pits last year to assess the reaction of residents and since this trial the number of complaints about smoke coming from neighbouring properties declined.

“As a sub-tropical city that enjoys balmy summers and experiences few cold winter nights, it’s unlikely this change is going to result in a huge increase in the number of fire pits.

“However, the prohibition on fire pits risked Brisbane residents being fined for something that is legal in many other areas and the Council I lead wasn’t prepared to let that happen.”

The fire pit reform was approved by Civic Cabinet recently and will be voted on by all councillors tomorrow.

Under the changes, guidelines that will be in place for fire pits will include not burning vegetation, not letting smoke impact neighbours and containing the fire in a fire pit or brazier above ground.

“Backyard braziers and fire pits can be used safely and residents have largely been doing so but it’s a timely reminder to not get complacent,” Cr Schrinner said.

“This means minimising smoke impacts on neighbours by using clean, dry wood, gas, ethanol or charcoal fuel, fully extinguishing fire with water and ensuring kids are supervised around fire.

“Importantly, residents should use common sense and be courteous to neighbours. Fire-pits and braziers should not be used on balconies of apartment buildings or in small spaces where smoke may cause a nuisance to neighbours, like small blocks and courtyards.”

Information about how to minimise the safety risks and smoke impacts are outlined on Council’s website

Council and Kidsafe Queensland’s fire tips video can be viewed at: