Brisbane City Council is supporting almost 180 local sporting clubs by offering up to a $5000 water bill rebates and helping them adopt sustainable water practices as drought conditions intensify.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has also called on the State Government to cut bulk water costs, which are hurting many local clubs.

“While Council can offer this financial relief for the retail part of a sport’s clubs water bill, the State is driving the cost up with its bulk water charges,” Cr Schrinner said.

“I call on the State Government to recognise the valuable role of these sporting groups and reduce the State bulk water charge, which accounts for about two thirds of the total water costs.”
The Council announced the water bill rebate scheme to help struggling clubs as drought conditions start to bite.

“The prolonged dry spell has created problems for clubs trying to keep their sporting fields green and functional, while balancing their budgets to pay for higher water bills.

“We are a sporting city that thrives on outdoor activities and sport, so it’s important that Council supports our clubs by offering rebates on large water bills,” Cr Schrinner said.

“This shouldn’t be a strain for sporting clubs, but the reality is that fields need to be maintained and that comes at a cost.

“The Council’s continual delivery of balanced budgets has ensured we are able to give back to residents to ensure we can fund these important initiatives to make Brisbane even better.

“When 177 clubs across Brisbane open their water bill from Queensland Urban Utilities from next month, they will already have had their Council reduction applied.

“Water bills are one of the biggest operating costs for these groups, many of which are run by volunteers, and I am pleased to be able to provide this much-needed financial assistance,” Cr Schrinner said.

The rebate will cover 50% of the club’s bills, capped at $5000, and Council will also fund the installation of about 100 smart water meters.

The smart water meters help sports club manage water efficiency by allowing them to view real-time information on their water efficiency and to help identify and rectify any leaks.

Community, Arts and Lifestyle Committee Chair Peter Matic said Council was committed to supporting these sporting clubs and their sustainable water practices.

“These sporting clubs play such an important role in the community. They are a place where people meet and build friendships while participating in activities that help them be fit and healthy,” Cr Matic said.

“I am proud that Team Schrinner is backing these clubs, which are the backbone of the community, and supporting them through the current dry spell.

“South East Queensland is preparing for drought, and the installation of the water smart metres will help stop any water waste, while the water bill relief will help support struggling clubs.”