Brisbane City Council has today announced that Ann Street will be reduced to a 40km/hr zone from Monday 5 November, following recommendations made in a citywide Pedestrian Safety Review.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the Pedestrian Safety Review’s interim findings, released last month, had identified a number of pedestrian-safety issues and recommended safety improvements, including reducing the speed of Ann Street, to bring it in line with other streets in the CBD.

“Council is committed to getting Brisbane pedestrians and motorists home quicker and safer, however, recent pedestrian-related road safety incidents have revealed the need for safety improvements at a number of sites across the city and suburbs,” Cr Quirk said.

“Ann Street is one of three streets in Brisbane’s CBD which has been the location for a large number of pedestrian safety accidents and speed has been a contributing factor.

“During Council’s Move Safe Brisbane survey, this section of Ann Street was pinpointed with pedestrian safety issues on around 40 occasions.

“A 780 metre stretch along Ann Street, between Creek Street and the Riverside Expressway, has been the location of 10 serious crashes involving pedestrians in just five years.

“It is clear from these incidents that we need to act now and reduce the speed to 40/km/hr in this section of Ann Street.”

Cr Quirk said that high-visibility electronic billboards would be in place this week to notify motorists about the upcoming speed limit change.

“Following a week of notification, from next Monday, the speed limit will be officially reduced from 60km/hr to 40km/hr,” he said.

“Council is providing motorists with ample time and information to change their driving habits along Ann Street, ahead of the official signposted change coming into place.

“We’re asking motorists to help improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists with this new speed limit.”

Cr Quirk said that further safety improvements would be in place later in the year, with the final report for the Pedestrian Safety Review due to be delivered to Council later in the month.

“Council is investing more than $2 billion into 1,000 road projects to help people move around Brisbane city and suburbs quicker and safer,” he said.

“Safety is Council’s top priority, and we are committed to delivering important pedestrian safety road improvements, so that Brisbane remains a great place to live, work and relax.”