Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has slammed a State Government decision to allocate a paltry 2.5 percent of a $200 million COVID council support package to Brisbane.

The day after it was revealed an estimated 135,000 Brisbane residents lost their job in the April-June quarter, Australia’s biggest council was advised it would receive just $5 million from the State’s Works for Queensland package.

“It’s scandalous that we have 25% of the state’s population but only received 2.5 percent of the funds. It’s insulting given our large population and high unemployment rate,” Cr Schrinner said.

“How it is equitable that the Labor-aligned Townville council receives triple the funding allocation of Brisbane and it only has a population 195,000 people; there is no rationale. Even Logan City Council has been given more support than Brisbane.

“Based on our population and the unemployment rate, we should be getting a significant chunk of funding; instead 12 South East Queensland councils will have to share $50 million.

“This was supposed to be about shovel-ready projects to create jobs in Queensland, but clearly the State is determined those jobs won’t be in Brisbane,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Is this about Stirling Hinchcliffe making a blatant play for regional state seats in the lead up to the October election?” Cr Schrinner said.


Council State Funding Population Per person
Brisbane $5 million 1.23 million $4
Bundaberg $7.1 million 95,000 $74
Cairns $7.4 million 166,000 $44
Fraser Coast $9 million 106,000 $84
Gladstone $5.2 million 63,000 $82
Gold Coast $8.1 million 620,000 $13
Logan $6.57 million 334,000 $19
Mackay $6.93 million 125,000 $55
Moreton Bay $7.92 million 469,400 $16
Rockhampton $6.44 million 81,500 $79
Sunshine Coast $5.35 million 328,400 $16
Townsville $13.54 million 195,000 $69