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Nurture The Knack Creative
Nurture The Knack Creative

‘Nurture The Knack Creative’ -  Owner, Ashley McHardy, believes her love of art and general creative thinking came from her genetics, she fortunate to come from a long line of artists and creatives; her great-grandfather was a sign writer and her family suspects he could have started it all. Her Father, Uncle and Grandmother are all artists and have mentored and tutored her throughout her life, encouraging her to develop and nurture her own style.

Ashley runs' Transformational Art Retreat & Sacred Women's Circle Workshops' that provide an opportunity to Nurture your Creative Self and deeply immerse yourself in Sacred Creative Practice and Inner Exploration.  Enquiries regarding these retreats are made via her webpage.

Visit Ashley’s webpage to discover some of the wonderful programs, including ‘Creative Club Saturdays’ where children are creating art inspired from World Cultures and Artists from around the world. To find out more about what Ashley has on offer at her studio go to www.nuturetheknack.com



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